#there was something strangely intense and incredibly heartbreaking about cas pulling out that chair #he’s eating a burrito and wearing a hoodie and he’s saying yes of course let’s talk #let’s talk about everything #because we’re equals now#we’re the same now #we can #sit with me and tell me all about being human#and let me tell you what i’ve learned #let’s just stay here talking until we’re too tired and we have to sleep #and you can show me where the sheep are so that we can count them together #and tomorrow i’ll make you coffee because they showed me how and one of the shelters i stayed at #and then maybe we can talk somemore #and maybe we can just keep doing that #if it’s okay with you #for the rest of my life #because i’m going to die one day #but i’d like to fill all the days between now and then with you #destiel

Musey I’m 1000000% done with you and your stupid tags.

Supernatural: Ripping out your heart violently over and over, yet still making you come back for more. 




Never forget that “Deep Breath” had the villain escaping in a hot air balloon made entirely from brutally murdered people’s skin and that homophobes complained it was unsuitable for children not because of the skin balloon but because of lesbians kissing.

Or the fact that a robot has basically been dismembering then burning bodies for probably hundreds of years.

No, it’s the breath of life kiss they have problems with.